Winter Boots That Don’t Scream “Snow Bunny”

As I write this post, the Utah weather advisory says we’re to expect around six inches of snow tomorrow morning. I am so excited! I absolutely love the snow. Well, I like looking at the snow from inside a warm building. 🙂 Anyone else with me on that? Utah is so beautiful in the winter and we really need the precipitation, because we have a terrible inversion right now (the bad part about living in a valley surrounded by mountains). Hopefully, the snow will fall, the air will clear, and we’ll have a gorgeous winter day.

One item of clothing you must have in Utah is of course, a winter “snow-approved” boot. I love a good “Apres Ski” look, but sometimes I don’t want to dress like a “Snow Bunny”. For that reason, I have found 14 winter boots that are chic, cozy, and stylish. Perfect for anyone in a semi-cold climate! None of these scream “winter boot”, but they are all perfectly capable of taking you through a parking lot full of snow and keeping you on trend. Which one is your favorite?

Chic Winter-Approved Boots

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