Which Mom Are You?

Today is a glorious day. My kids are going back to school! Just kidding. Well, sort of. Back to school time is always bittersweet for me. I never want summer to end, however, I certainly don’t want to be waking up early everyday packing lunches and doing homework. This year is even more bittersweet because my little guy, Ethan, is starting all-day kindergarten. I seriously can’t believe it. My brain is just a mess of emotions right now. I don’t know whether to cry until my head hurts or jump for joy because I’m so excited. Are any of you other moms as confused as I am?

Funny fact about me….I love taking online quizzes. It’s such a satisfying feeling to answer a few questions and be given a nice, neat, organized title that you can “officially” label yourself. I recently came across this quiz and couldn’t pass it up. It’s titledThese 10 Questions Will Reveal What Type Of Mom You’ll Be“.

I got the “Hot Mess Mom”! Haha! That’s exactly how I feel for sure. And as soon as I get these kids to school today, I’m going to rush home and start cleaning up the mess that filled our house all summer. Have you heard the saying, “please excuse our mess, we’re busy making memories”? Yeah! That’s my house! Or maybe I was just lazy. 🙂

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