The ONLY Coat You Need This Fall

Happy Monday friends! What is your favorite item of clothing to shop for? For me, it would either be shoes or coats. Sometimes coats are a little tricky because you don’t want to feel like a marshmallow or a “fat ‘man’ in a little coat”. Who knows what movie that’s from? 🙂

Fit and fabric are so important when it comes to coats and they have to be just right. It’s such a good feeling when you find a coat that fits well and and meets all of your wardrobe criteria, and it’s an even better feeling when that coat is REVERSIBLE! My jaw dropped when I came across this coat recently. It is so beautiful and is literally the one and only coat you need this fall season. Seriously, it’s that amazing! Wear it to work, on a date, and even pair it with cute tennis shoes for a “mom/boss lady on the go” look.

This coat is so well made and the classic design is impeccable! It’s just the right thickness for fall (or even next spring), is fitted through the shoulders (I do not like “drop” shoulders) and straight through the waist and hips. Basically, it’s super flattering and looks good on every body type. And I absolutely love how the collar shows the opposite color. When you are wearing it on the camel side, the gray lapel is visible, and vice versa.

Shop This Look (Camel)

Shop This Look (Gray)

Think about how many outfits you can wear with a camel coat. Now, think of how many you can wear with a gray coat. This coat works with all of them! The reversible wool car coat is a must-have this fall season!




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