The Magic of Mixing Styles (with Moroccan Magic)

Let’s face it…wearing one style day in and day out can be outright boring. Who likes to look the same every single day? Not me! While I always try to remain classic, simple, and chic (um, hello? that’s what The Style Drive Thru is all about!), sometimes I like to switch it up a bit. One look might be prim and proper, another might be a little bit “rocker”. It’s fun to change things up every once in a while, right? It’s also fun to mix them together in ONE outfit! Think of opposites; things that are “hard and soft” such as:

Leather and Lace

Floral and Plaid

Chiffon and Suede

Feathers and Studs

Take a look at these pictures below of some celebrities that have mixed styles. Can you pinpoint what they’ve done that makes their outfit more refreshing?

Each of them paired pieces together that make their outfits far more interesting and compelling to look at don’t you think? The unexpected balance is so intriguing (when done right)! I recently found this sweet looking floral dress and thought it’d be perfect with a little edge. I styled it with these amazing black studded booties and it instantly changed the perception of the dress. Had the dress been paired with a classic black pump, it would have been sweet and cute. Paired with a studded stiletto and it immediately became sweet and sassy. (I also would have added a black leather jacket had it not been almost 90 degrees outside. :))

There are tons of ways you can mix and match styles, so remember these 3 tips:

Contrast is Key – think opposite fabrics (hard and soft) and shapes (florals with studs)

Blend Occasions – pair a chiffon skirt with a graphic tee, or a velvet blazer with converse flats

Incorporate High & Low – mix a really expensive jacket with affordable basics

Whenever you mix styles, it’s like the outfit comes to life. There’s a magic in the balance; the ying and yang. There’s also magic in this lip balm I recently found. It is an organic lip balm that combines argan oil and essential oils. Um, AMAZING! It’s not waxy at all and leaves your lips soft and smooth for hours! My husband, who is a chapstick snob, also loves it because it doesn’t make his lips shiny. Yay! It’s currently available to purchase at CVS, Amazon, Walgreens, Whole Foods and many other retailers so go grab some. I love it and know that you will too!

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