The Luggage of Your Dreams!

If your dreams came in a box, they would travel in this beautiful Nasaden luggage from Germany.

One of my lifelong dreams came true recently and my new Nasaden luggage was right there with me. Attending New York Fashion Week has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and with my Nasaden luggage, traveling was a breeze.

First of all, can we please talk about the design? I mean, seriously! This luggage is GORGEOUS! It comes in 10 colors, which I absolutely love. I chose this beautiful silver color so it could be easily spotted and stand the test of time trend-wise. I was also very happy about how sturdy and solid it was. I did a little sit test (as you can see in the pic above) and it held up very well. Haha!

One of the most important details for me when choosing luggage is the inside organization. Nasaden really couldn’t have designed the interior any better. Both sides have a full zipper closure, which was one of my FAVORITE details. You can fill both sides and secure them entirely. Yay! It also has a very sturdy buckle to hold down your items and multiple zipper enclosures so everything has its place.

Lastly, came the rolling test. I hate it when luggage doesn’t roll easily, especially over bumps. What’s the point if it’s not even functional? This luggage did amazingly well! Never did I have to use two hands when steering it different directions and it always cleared uneven ground like a champ.

You may be wondering how it held up AFTER traveling. Of course, there were a few marks from the wonderful airport handlers throwing it around, but it wasn’t anything that a little smart eraser couldn’t take care of. Now it looks brand new again. Hallelujah!

If you are in the market for some new luggage you should definitely check out this brand. It’s beautiful, classic, sturdy, and functional! And today is your lucky day, because I have a coupon code for all of my followers! Nasaden has nicely agreed to give my followers an exclusive 40% off discount code (40QRZ1G6) that is good until March 13th. Have any spring break plans coming up? Order this now and you’ll be so happy you did!

Nasaden doesn’t sell luggage, they sell dream boxes!




Happy shopping!




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