Talk to Tanya Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve been seeing lots of new faces recently so I thought I would create a “Talk to Tanya Tuesday” post to help you all get to know me a little bit better. One of the best aspects of doing The Style Drive Thru has been meeting new people and creating wonderful relationships with all of you. I absolutely love learning about who you all are, where you’re from, and what you love about fashion. So, in order to get to know each other better, I figured I should start by telling you all about me. Here are 20 tidbits about myself that you might find interesting:

  1. I will be 35 next month. (Time flies!)
  2. Everyone always thinks I’m Russian because of my name, but I’m actually 100% Scandinavian.
  3. You will never (most likely) find me wearing yellow. (I look terrible in it.)
  4. I grew up outside Seattle, Washington.
  5. I love my dog like she’s my third child.
  6. Running a marathon is on my bucket list. (As a teenager, I used to run 10-13 miles everyday. Then I hurt my knee (like 12 years ago), had kids, got super busy, and haven’t had a steady workout regimen in 4 years. Terrible, I know!)
  7. Fashion and beauty have been an interest to me since I just was a little girl.
  8. I love the ocean, but am also terrified of it. (I’m not that great of a swimmer and water is SO powerful.)
  9. My husband and I have been married for 15 years (we got married when I was 19).
  10. I am a kidney cancer survivor. (I can never leave this off a list, because it has had such an impact on my life).
  11. I make my photographer (usually my husband) take 100+ pictures of an outfit because I’m always striving for the “perfect shot”.
  12. Organization is very important to me, but the older my kids get, and the more messes they make, the less organized everything becomes. I’m working on just “letting it be”.
  13. I’m an extremely picky eater. (I like everything plain and pretty much eat like a 12 year old child).
  14. My favorite outfit is a fitted t-shirt, skinny jeans, a leather jacket or an amazing blazer, and killer heels.
  15. I have played classical piano since I was 5, but have always wanted to play the drums.
  16. Animal videos on Instagram always make me cry. (Are you following @thedodo yet?)
  17. I’ve never been to Europe and am dying to go some day.
  18. Sometimes I go 5+ days without washing my hair (despite my husband’s wishes, haha!).
  19. I am a very quiet/reserved person.
  20. I like my jewelry to be classic, simple, and chic. Just like this amazing ring from Jeulia that I’m wearing in these photos. The design of this ring is so timeless, but the stone shape is an unexpected pear cut, which I absolutely love AND it’s a beautiful piece that can be worn every single day; no matter the occasion. The stones are set in a stunning sterling silver band and the fact that it is budget friendly makes it even better! Celebrate yourself and grab one of these incredible rings from Jeulia. The craftsmanship is perfection! (Click here to watch a short video on how they make their jewelry. It’s very interesting!)

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(My beautiful ring is linked here.)

Now that you know more about me, please comment below and tell me about you! I can’t wait to read more about my new friends!




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