Purple + Pleats + Pellucid ?

I know what you’re thinking….what the crap does “pellucid” mean? I had no idea either, but I really wanted all three words in my title to start with the letter “p” and to relate to this amazing purple dress. Haha! So apparently, pellucid means clear which in relation to this blog post, means “sheer”, aka sheer sleeves, one of the hottest trends for fall. See where I went with all of that? Okay…let’s get back on track.

There are so many things I love about this dress, but lets start with the color. Purple, of all shades, is everywhere right now. Anything from pink, to purple, to burgandy….these colors are filling the stores and I’m in heaven. It’s such a regal, classic color and it looks good on ANY skin tone (unlike mustard, which I look terrible in and is another color that you typically see during the fall season).

Another detail you are probably noticing a lot of are pleats. Mostly micro-pleats to be exact. Small pleats are such an interesting design element and really amp up an item of clothing. Take a plain midi skirt for example. It can sometimes be quite boring, but add pleats and all of the sudden it’s striking and refreshing again.

Lastly, another trend found on this dress are the pellucid (haha!) sleeves. Remember pellucid means clear (sort of like sheer). Sheer sleeves are EVERYWHERE! Remember this post where I had on the black sheer blouse and black denim pants? And this one with the burgandy floral dress? Sheer sleeves are so attractive and they reveal just enough skin to make you feel a bit more…inviting shall we say. 🙂

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Remember these three takeaways next time you’re out shopping and you’ll be sure to stay on trend:

  1. Shades of purple
  2. Pleats (typically small)
  3. Sheer sleeves




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