My New Skincare Regimen

What is your skincare regime? Sadly, mine pretty much consists of removing my makeup with a face wipe (I love these), applying a retinoid cream and finishing off with a quick dab of moisturizer. I always have the best intentions when it comes to skincare though. I like to try out new products that get rave reviews, but after a week, the product sits in my drawer and I revert back to what is quick and easy. Living in a dry, hot climate doesn’t help my skin either. Add that, plus the fact that I am 34 and getting fine lines….it’s not an ideal combination.

A couple of months ago, I was approached by Celavive to try out some of their new products, which feature an exclusive ingredient that works to decrease the visible signs in our skin from stress and aging. Sign me up please! Their Olivol Botanical Blend is a patented fruit extract that really hydrates and helps to repair our skin’s healthy glow.

Right of the bat, my first impression was that I loved the Perfecting Toner. I have to admit, I have always skipped this step because I’ve thought it was a waste of time and money, but this product surprised me. It immediately felt hydrating! The Replenishing Night Gel is also wonderful. The dry, Utah air does quite a number on my skin and this gel felt very moisturizing. My favorite product out of the Celavive line is the Hydrating Eye Essence. It’s amazing how early fine lines and wrinkles start appearing (I probably started seeing mine at age 30) and this product really felt like it was doing its job. The formula felt super hydrating and I could actually tell that my dark circles and fine lines were beginning to lessen.

I have really loved using the Celavive products and plan on continuing them as part of my new skin care regimen. If any of you would like to try them, contact Linda Li by email at: or you can follow her on Instagram (@momentoftreasures).

If any of you try the products, let me know what you think.




(Brought to you by Celavive – all opinions are my own.)



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