My Favorite Gift Wrapping Tip


What do you do with all of the leftover, odd lengths of paper that is never large enough to use? Curl it baby!

Last year I discovered an amazing gift wrapping “hack” and my life has never been the same. If you looked at the photos above, then you now know that wrapping paper can be curled! Crazy right? How have I gone this many years and not known this? I have no clue. Did you know it was capable of this?

In order to achieve this look all you do is wrap your present, cut any leftover wrapping paper into strips (I like to vary the thickness so you get different sizes of curls + perfectly straight lines are not needed), and lightly curl the paper like you would the cheap curling ribbon we’ve used since the ice ages. Obviously, it’s ideal if you have double sided wrapping paper (I found this cute paper here), but who really cares if you see the plain white side? No one. The last step is to secure the middle of the wrapping coil to the desired area of the package by using tiny strips of tape. Voila! The top of your gift is “beautified”, you have no wasted paper, and you just saved a fortune on overpriced bows and ribbon! I can hear the angels singing now.

Do you have any gift wrapping hacks? Tell me, please! (I’ll share them on my Instagram stories for everyone to read.)

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Pro tip: sometimes the paper will rip when you are curling it so try pulling with different pressures until you get it to work. ‘Cause I promise you, it works!

Happy wrapping!




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