My Experience with Fillers

A lot of people think the topic of dermal fillers is taboo. I do not. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you know that it has become very popular over the last decade and I want to clear up a big misconception about them. It is TOTALLY possible to get them done and not look crazy.

I made the decision to start fillers around five years ago (when I was 30) and I do it because it makes me happy. It is a very personal decision and I believe, to each their own. I would never judge anyone for doing it (or not doing it) and I hope you feel the same way. I have really loved the results I’ve gotten with them over the yeas and I plan on continuing to fight the aging process as much as I can. Who’s with me? 🙂

Let’s start out with Botox. Botox is usually the first filler people try when they dab their toe into the field of dermal fillers. It is used to eliminate wrinkles (among many other things….it can even help relieve headaches) most of the time and like everything, if it’s done correctly and in the right quantity, can look amazing. I started getting Botox when I was about 30 and started seeing wrinkles on my forehead, and crows feet around my eyes. Like most of you, I was nervous about the result and started with just a little. At my last appointment, I got a total of 30 units dispersed between my forehead and under eye area. This is not very much at all, but at my age, my wrinkles are not very deep. Some people get so much they look frozen! I have always been very clear with whomever is working on me that I still want to have some movement in my forehead and eye area to avoid the “frozen” issue. One reason I keep going back (about every 3-4 months) is because Botox helps PREVENT wrinkles from even starting. If the muscle can’t move, then it’s not going to create a wrinkle. Who doesn’t want that?

Now onto lip filler. My very favorite of all the dermal fillers. 🙂 To be completely honest, you have to be real careful with this one. Thankfully, I had the amazingly talented Alfie from Utah Facial Plastics working on me recently. If you live in Utah, then you know the incredible reputation they have so I wasn’t nervous at all. When I went in for my consultation, I showed some photos of lips that I liked (this is a must do) so she could get an idea of what I was wanting and then we discussed the process. I decided to get a full syringe of Juvederm XC. I’ve had my lips “done” before and wanted a little bit more size this time so one syringe was just the right amount.

First, she applied numbing cream. Thank heavens for this stuff, because once it kicked in, I couldn’t feel a thing. This was wonderful because Alfie was able to take her time, do some injections, show me how it looked, do some more… you get the idea. By the time it was over (it probably only took 15 minutes or so), I was in love. I knew I was going to be in great hands at Utah Facial Plastics and they gave me the lips I had always wanted. If you are interested in getting lip filler remember these points:

a. go to Utah Facial Plastics if you’re in the area

b. if not, find a reputable place in your area and look at their website/instagram

c. take a look at all of their photos and make sure you like what you see

d. go for a consultation and bring photos to show them the look you are after

e. start out with a little….you can always add more

f. don’t be scared when they swell a little bit (it took about 2 weeks for all of my swelling to subside)

I am unbelievably happy with my lip filler this go around. (I have had them done before and I wasn’t entirely happy with the results.) Alfie at Utah Facial Plastics studied the photos I brought in and gave me exactly what I said I wanted. She injected just the right amount in all the right areas and since she’s so good at what she does, she was even able to alter the shape of my upper lip slightly to give me the EXACT result I was after. Thank you Alfie!

Lastly, I want to discuss cheek filler. This is a filler that typically goes unnoticed, but can make a huge impact on your overall look. You all know that as we get older, our faces start to sag. So depressing I know! We also start to lose fat and volume in our cheeks, which instantly ages us. I’m only 35 and had started to notice a big difference in the loss of volume in my cheek area recently. So, after doing my lips, Alfie injected one syringe of Voluma into my cheeks. It was just enough to add a little plumpness back in and I honestly think it made me look five years younger. Plus the good thing about Voluma is that it lasts around 9 months to 1 year.

By looking at me, you might not be able to tell that I have lip and cheek filler and that is the whole point. Or maybe you can and that’s totally okay too. My goal with fillers is always to look natural, but an improved version of myself. That is why I always start out with a little first and then I can get more if needed. I never want to look “over done” and Utah Facial Plastics has always kept me looking like myself. This March, they are having some fantastic specials that I want to share with you all so now is the time to go!

  1. Free area of Botox (20 units) with purchase of 3 chemical peels.
  2. $150 off any 2 fillers (also comes with a colorscience neck renewal serum and a beauty palette).
  3. Free SkinMedica TNS serum with one session of Kybella (2 vials).
  4. $25 off faux freckles (tattooing).

If you have been toying with the idea of getting fillers and have questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them for you if I can, or even better, give Utah Facial Plastics a call. They were such a pleasure to go to and their employees are the best! I’m sure they’ll be seeing me again very soon!

Happy filling!




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