Holiday Party Pieces Under $100

Who is staring at their holiday calendar wondering what in the world they are going to wear to all of the parties they’ve committed to? Dressing for holiday parties can be very difficult sometimes. If it’s a work or religious party, you want to be festive and fancy, but not necessarily sexy or revealing. If it’s a party where people will be attending that you haven’t seen in a while, you want to make an impression and turn heads, but not be too crazy or maybe even worse, boring. There is always a fine line when it comes to party looks and in my opinion, it must be thought out thoroughly. Now is the time to “wow” everyone, but in a classic, simple, and chic way.

For the look above, I paired a sequin mini skirt with a turtleneck bodysuit (choose one body party to feature: legs or boobs but not both), a glitter-mesh bag, and a simple stiletto and red lip. All of these pieces can be mixed with other items in my closet, which is something you want to remember when it comes to purchasing holiday party pieces. You don’t want it to sit in your closet for an entire year gathering dust. Other things you want to remember when choosing a party look is to think:







In other words, think texture. Each of the textures above elevate an outfit and typically make it “dressier” than usual. And if there is anytime to dress up, a holiday party is it. I absolutely love to dress up during the holidays and it can be so much fun! Below I have included my exact look for you to shop as well as a link to my Holiday – Party Under $100 page, which includes tons of pieces that are perfect to wear this holiday season.

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I’ve also linked my favorite “sticky bra” here, because you’ll need it with most of these looks. I am wearing it in the photos above and as you can tell, no lines. Yay! And it’s super comfortable to wear. I wear it almost daily and it is definitely needed when dressing for holiday parties. Don’t want any bra lines ruining your look! Use code “Tanya20” at checkout to get 20% off your purchase. I’m wearing the clear breast shaper in size C/D (also comes in nude).

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